Technical Sessions

Data/Venue: July 3-4, Studio 2, Studio 3 & Studio G

Wednesday, July 3

09:00-10:20    ICEC-W1, Studio 2
Sharing Economy
Session Chair: Kai Li (Nankai University)

  • Dual Path of Providers’ Trust Building in Sharing Economy: Based on ELM
    Liwei Li (Beijing Union University)
  • A Pricing-Based AI Solution for Electric Car Sharing System
    Kai Li (Nankai University), Xiaowen Wang (Nankai University)
  • How to Maintain the Willingness to Repurchase Services in the Sharing Economy: Based on Value Co-Creation
    Jialiang Yang (Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen) and Jifan Ren (Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen)
  • Impact of Information and Communication Technology Factors on Users’ Intention to Adoption of Sharing Economy
    Pinghao Ye (Wuhan Business University), Qihua Liu (Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics), Liqiong Liu (Wuhan Business University) and Jian Mou (Xidian University)

09:00-10:20    ICEC-W2, Studio 3
Social Commerce & Mobile payment
Session Chair: Sung-Byung Yang (Kyung Hee University)

  • Exploring Consumers’ Sharing Personal Information Behavior on Social Commerce Sites
    Yen-Hao Hsieh (Tamkang University), Ya-Ting Lo (Tamkang University)
  • Understanding Clickbait Effectiveness
    Shiu-Li Huang (National Taiwan University), Yu-De Lin (National Taiwan University)
  • Exploring Adoption of Proximity Mobile Payments in Retailing: A Merchant Perspective
    Li Shu (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics), Chen Xiaogang (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics), Quanpeng Chen (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)
  • The Effect of Choice Attributes of Internet Bank on Satisfaction and Behavioral Intention
    Ji-Hee Jung (Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology) and Jae-Ik Shin (Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology)

09:00-10:20    ICEC-W3, Studio G
e-CRM: Consumer Intention and Adoption, Marketing and Pricing
Session Chair: Younki Park (George Washington University)

  • Researching Consumers’ Intentions to Select Based on Multi-Attribute Interval Reference
    Meihua Zuo (Guangdong University of Technology), Hongwei Liu (Guangdong University of Technology), Zhouyang Liang (Guangdong University of Technology) and Yonghua Zuo (Jiangxi Normal University)
  • An Empirical Analysis of Consumer Reactions to Data Breach in E-Commerce: Evidence from a Large-Scale Natural Experiment
    Nakyung Kyung (KAIST), Jiyong Park (KAIST), Juhee Kwon (KAIST) and Byungtae Lee (KAIST)
  • Comparison of Product Reliability, Purchase Intention and E-WOM Intention according to Online Information Sources of Korean and Chinese Consumers
    Jaehun Kim (Pusan National University) and Jongkuk Shin(Pusan National University)
  • Understanding the Antecedents of Review Helpfulness Based on the Elaboration Likelihood Model
    Gang Ren (Kookmin University) and Taeho Hong (Pusan National University)

10:20-10:50    Coffee Break

10:50-12:10    Opening Ceremony in Grand Ballroom

12:10-13:40   Lunch Time

13:40-15:20    ICEC-W4,  Studio 2
e-Commerce Strategy I
Session Chair: Haejung Yun (Ewha Womans University)

  • Does the Development of E-commerce Promote the Growth of peasants’ income? An Investigation on the Policy Performance of E-commerce into Counties in China
    Qiuyun Li (Xi’an Jiaotong University), Qi Li (Xi’an Jiaotong University), Yuehuan Tang (Xi’an Jiaotong University) and Bohong Zhu (Xi’an Jiaotong University )
  • Understanding the Association between Customer Experience and Emotional Attachment in O2O Context
    Chunghun Lee (National Information Society Agency), Haejung Yun (Ewha Womans University) and Choong C. Lee (Yonsei University)
  • When Does the Largest Social Networks Collapse?
    Yong Joon Hyoung (Kyung Hee University), Kyoung Jun Lee (Kyung Hee University) and Arum Park (Kyung Hee University)
  • A Study on Customer retention and Customer Equity in China Mobile Communication industry
    Xiaoting Jiang (Pusan National University) and Tae Ho Song (Pusan National University)

13:40-15:20    ICEC-W5,  Studio 3
FinTech & Financial Markets
Session Chair: Young-Chan Lee (Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus)

  • What Drives Chinese Consumers’ Behavior in Switching between Cash and Cashless? A Perspective of the PPM Framework
    -Hong-Lei Mu (Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus) and Young-Chan Lee (Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus)
  • The Impact of FinTech on Economy: A Theoretical Framework
    Yao Zhao (Beijing Normal University) and Yanfang Wang (Beijing Normal University)
  • Non-Green Investors Predict Green Stocks Better: Empirical Evidence from StockTwits
    Euro Bae (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and Daegon Cho (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
  • How Different Features of Posts on SNS Engage Young Generation to Adopt Fintech Services
    Pei-Fang Hsu (National Tsing Hua University), Yen-Ju Tseng (National Tsing Hua University) and Tuan Thanh Nguyen (National Tsing Hua University)

13:40-15:20    ICEC-W6: Studio G
AI Approaches: Neural Networks, Chatbot, and CBR
Session Chair: Haejin Seo (Pusan National University)

  • Artificial Intelligence in e-Commerce: Recommender Systems and Chatbots
    Jehoram Mwila (Kobe Institute of Computing)
  • Diseases Prediction using Machine Learning
    Adyan Marendra Ramadhani (Dong-A University), Narang Kim (Dong-A University)
  • Investigating Usability and Use Continuance of Chatbot Services
    Emmanuel Emokpae (Dalhousie University), Kyung Young Lee (Dalhousie University) and Sung-Byung Yang (Dalhousie University)
  • Using Fuzzy-AHP Method to Find the Key Factors Influencing Students Attention to Knowledge-based Content Video on YouTube
    Jui-Yen Chang (National Chengchi University)

15:20-15:50    Coffee Break

15:50-17:30    ICEC-W7, Studio 2
e-Commerce Strategy II
Session Chair: Byungwan Koh (Korea University)

  • Is Group-Buying Price Mechanism a Good Choice in the Business-to-Business System?
    Lei Guan (Beijing Institute of Technology, Yongxue Mu (Beijing Institute of Technology), Qiudan Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology), Wenxi Gu (Ernst & Young Advisory Services Limited) and Lianmin Zhang (Nanjing University)
  • The Utilization of Technological Resources By The SMEs Of Bangladesh And Its Impact On e-Commerce Adoption
    Md Billal Hossain and Sazzad Hossain (Kumoh National Institute of Technology, American International University Bangladesh)
  • The Determinants of eMarketplace Selection in China
    Jae Kyu Lee (Xi’an Jiaotong University), Jooyoung Park (Peking University), Minxuan Luo (Southern University of Science and Technology) and Yixuan Liu (Southern University of Science and Technology)
  • eTailer’s Two-Dimensional Revenue Model: Lessons from Amazon and Alibaba
    Jae Kyu Lee (Xi’an Jiaotong University), Jooyoung Park (Peking University), Yixuan Liu (Southern University of Science and Technology) and Minxuan Luo (Southern University of Science and Technology)

15:50-17:30    ICEC-W8, Studio 3
Machine Learning
Session Chair: Kyung Jin Cha (Kangwon National University)

  • Graph Attention Neural Networks for Measuring Provision of Emotions
    Chang Liu (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Keehyung Kim (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Sequence Data Tagging with Multi-rank Embedding
    Hwa Jong Kim (Kangwon National University), Kyung Jin Cha (Kangwon National University) and Seong Eun Hong (Kangwon National University)
  • Research On New Methods Of Abnormal Behavior User Prediction
    Xia Huosong and Zhou Yanjun (Wuhan Textile University)
  • Identifying Market Structure to Monitor Product Risk Uncertainty: A Data Intelligence Model
    Hongming Gao (Guangdong University of Technology), Mingjun Zhan (Guangdong University of Technology) and Hongwei Liu (Guangdong University of Technology)

15:50-17:30    ICEC-W9, Studio GBig Data, and Social Network Analysis
Session Chair: Lee SeoYoung (DongYang University)

  • Online Review Sentiment Analysis and Fashion Product Prediction
    Xia Huosong and An Wuyue (Wuhan Textile University)
  • Measuring Brand Equity Using Customer Reviews: Naive-Bayes Classifier Approach
    Jaesun Yeom (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology) and Han-Gyun Woo (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)
  • A Multi-Period Product Recommender System in Online Food Market based on Recurrent Neural Networks
    Hea In Lee (Kyung Hee University), Il Young Choi ((Kyung Hee University), Hyun Sil Moon (Kyung Hee University) and Jaekyeong Kim (Kyung Hee University)
  • Do Emotions Drive Guests’ Satisfaction with Hotel Stay? Revisiting Cognitive Dissonance Theory by Text Mining Online Hotel Reviews
    Anjali Chhetri (Holmesglen Institute), Su Nguyen Nguyen (LaTrobe University), Achini Adikhari (LaTrobe University) and Damminda Alahakoon (LaTrobe University)

Thursday, July 4

09:00-10:20    ICEC-T1, Studio 2
Privacy and Security
Session Chair: Huosong Xia (Wuhan Textile University)

  • A Systematic Review of Security in Electronic Commerce- Threats and Frameworks
    Isuri Udara and Nuwan Kuruwitaarachchi (Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology)
  • The Role of Privacy Fatigue in Privacy Calculus
    Hanbyul Choi (UNIST), Jonghwa Park (UNIST) and Yoonhyuk Jung (Korea University)
  • The Effect of Privacy Policy Awareness on the Willingness to Provide Personal Information in Electronic Commerce
    Jongki Kim (Pusan national university) and Dawoon Oh(Pusan national university)

09:00-10:20    ICEC-T2, Studio 3
Crowdsourcing and Funding
Session Chair: Keehyung Kim (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

  • The Expected Effects of Regulatory Sandbox on FinTech venture Investment : Focusing on the Cross-Country Comparisons
    Joo-Yeun Heo (Yonsei University) and Jayoung Goo (Yonsei University)
  • Experts in Crowdfunding Projects
    Siqi Pei and Keehyung Kim (Chinese University of Hong Kong )
  • Investigating Dynamics of Crowdfunding Policy
    Keehyung Kim (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • A Comparison of Donation’s Price Fairness Perception Across Online and Offline Contexts
    Zhongyou Du (Pusan National University) and Tae Ho Song (Pusan National University)

09:00-10:20    ICEC-T3, Studio G
Big Data Analysis and Applications (Korean Session)
Session Chair: Narang Kim (Dong-A University)

  • An Analysis of the Sentiments of Visitors to Gamcheon Culture Village Based on Opinion Mining
    Seungeui Ryu (Dong-A University) and Hyun Jong Kim (Dong-A University)
  • Analysis of Civil Affairs Trends Using the LDA Topic Modelling Technique
    Ju-Sup, Park (Dong-A University), Saemi Lee (Dong-A University) and Soon-Goo Hong (Dong-A University)
  • A Big Data Driven Establishment of Regional Governance for Urban Regeneration and Tourism Revitalization: a Case Study of Gamcheon Culture Village
    Taihun Lee (Dong-A University)
  • A Performance Comparison of Automatic Classification Algorithms for Text
    Narang Kim (Dong-A University), Adyan Marendra Ramadhani (Dong-A University) and Soon Goo Hong (Dong-A University)

10:20-10:50    Coffee Break

10:50-12:10  ICEC-T4, Studio 2
Blockchain & Crtyptocurrency
Session Chair: Jongki Kim (Pusan National University)

  • Impacts of Blockchain Technology on Trust through Payment, Circulation and Credit Systems in Cross-border E-commerce
    Xiaorong Yang (Xidian University) and Rong Du( Xidian University)
  • Why do Countries Regulate Cryptocurrencies Differently? A fsQCA-based Analysis
    Liu Zhigang (Southwestern University Of Finance and Economics)
  • Addressing Inter-Platform Trust Problem via Blockchain-Based Cross-Border B2B E-Commerce System
    Zhihong Li (South China University of Technology), Guihong Qiao (South China University of Technology), Xiaoying Xu (South China University of Technology)
  • A Sampling Strategy for Unbundled Digital Contents
    Seul-Ah Kim and Byungwan Koh (Korea University)

10:50-12:10  ICEC-T5, Studio 3
e-Hospitality and online health
Session Chair: Gang Ren (Kookmin University)

  • Impacts of Patients Reviews on Doctors’ Pricing Strategy in Online Healthcare Service Platform
    Wang Qing (Xidian University ), Ai Shizhong (Xidian University) and Tongyao Zhao (Xidian University)
  • Antecedents of Health Information Privacy Concerns in Online Health Communities
    Tongyao Zhao (Xidian University ), Rong Du and Qing Wang (Xidian University )
  • The Effect of Message by Consumption Value on Consumer Responses to Cause-related Marketing in the Hotel Industry
    Haejin Seo (Pusan National University), Tae Ho Song (Pusan National University)
  • Effects of CRM Content on Pre-Roll Advertising: Moderating Effect of Arousal, Product Type
    Weiwei Deng (Pusan national university), Tae Ho Song (Pusan National University)

10:50-12:10  ICEC-T6, Studio G
Social Media
Session Chair : Jin Lee (University of Missouri-St. Louis)

  • A Sociability Typology of Social Media Users
    Jessica Chen (National Chi-Nan Unervisity), Li-Ting Huang (Chang Gung University)
  • Diffusion Process of New Social Issues in Public Media: Semantic/Social Network Analysis Approach
    Jin Lee (University of Missouri-St. Louis)
  • The Detrimental Effect of Exclusive Personalization on Consumer-to-Consumer Engagement in Social Media
    Dong-Jun Min (University of New Orleans) and Kyeong Sam Min (University of New Orleans)
  • Storytelling and Social Networking: Why Luxury Brand Needs to Tell Its Story
    Min-Sook Park (Catholic University of Pusan) and Minkyung Moon (Pusan National University)

12:10-13:40   Lunch Time

13:40-15:20    ICEC-T7, Studio 2
Sharing Economy II, Advertising, Digital Contents
Session Chair: Xusen Cheng (University of International Business and Economics)

  • Examining Influencing Factors on Continuance Intention to Use Shared Electric Scooters: The Mental Accounting Theory Perspective
    Lin Li (Kyung Hee University), Kyung Young Lee (Dalhousie University), Sung-Byung Yang (Kyung Hee University)
  • Effects of Trust on e-Loyalty in Ride-Sharing: A Perspective of Transaction Cost
    Tingting Hou (University of International Business and Economics), Xusen Cheng (University of International Business and Economics)
  • Understanding Trust Influencing Factors for Robo-advisor Customers: A Preliminary Model
    Fei Guo (University of International Business and Economics), Xusen Cheng (University of International Business and Economics)
  • Does Information Security Knowledge of Logistics Services Users Affect the Behavioral Control for Privacy Protection?
    Se Hun Lim (Sangji University, University of North Texas) and Dan J. Kim (Sangji University, University of North Texas)

13:40-15:20    ICEC-T8, Studio 3
Session Chair: Jongho Kim (Kyungsung University)

  • How to Optimize Pre/Post Marketing Activity through the Deconstruction of eWOM: The Case of the Movie Industry
    Xina Yuan (Xiamen University), Hailin Zhang (Yonsei University), Tae Ho Song (Pusan National University)
  • Electronic Word of Mouth Analysis for Marketing Strategy Evaluation
    Andreas Gregoriades (Cyprus University of Technology), Elena Ektoros (University of Manchester)
  • Integrate DEMATEL and ISM Approaches to Find the Attraction Factors of YouTubers Sponsored Ads in Consumers
    Jui-Yen Chang (National Chengchi University)
  • The Effect of Motives to Use Digital Signage Content on Content Satisfaction and Product Attitude in Retail Stores -The Adjusting Effect of Product Involvement and Digital Signage Type-
    Hyun Young Jeon (Pusan National University), Jong-Kuk Shin (Pusan National University)

13:40-15:20    ICEC-T9, Studio G
Globalization and Cross-Border Issues
Session Chair: Artur Strzelecki (University of Economics in Katowice)

  • Exploring the Purchase Intention in Cross-border E-commerce: An Integration of Hierarchy-of-effects Model and Commitment-involvement Theory
    Wenlong Zhu (Qingdao University of Technology), Jian Mou (Xidian University)
  • Content Delivery Networks in Cross-border E-commerce
    Artur Strzelecki (University of Economics in Katowice)
  • Product Information Traceability Model for Cross-Border E-commerce
    Zhiyong Liu (Dalian University of Technology), Zipei Li (Dalian University of Technology)
  • Why Did the No. 1 Game Portal, the Korean-Chinese Joint Venture, Fail?
    Miri Heo (Kyung Hee University), Kyoung Jun Lee (Kyung Hee University)

15:20-15:50    Coffee Break

15:50-17:30    ICEC-T10, Studio 2
e-Logistics and e-Transportation
Session Chair: Prem Chhetri (RMIT University)

  • A Model to generate an Optimal Freight Transit Network for Landlocked Nation of Nepal
    Prem Chhetri (RMIT University), Shahrooz Shahparvari (RMIT University), Paul Tae-Woo Lee (RMIT University)
  • A Mathematical Model Formulation of Traditional Indian Agri-Fresh Food Supply Chain
    Rakesh Patidar (IIITDM Jabalpur), Sunil Agrawal (IIITDM Jabalpur)
  • A Dynamic Interaction between International Logistics and Cross-border E-commerce Trade: Evidence from OECD Countries
    Yugang He (Chonbuk National University)
  • The Status Quo of China’s Fourth-Party Logistics Industry Development and Strategy
    Chunxia Zhang (Pusan National University), Hoyeol Bang (Pusan National University)

15:50-17:30    ICEC-T11, Studio 3
Organization Performance & e-Learning
Session Chair: Xina Yuan (Xiamen University)

  • Multi-tasking Strategy against Task Overload
    Park Junyoung (Kookmin University), Park Do-Hyung (Kookmin University)
  • A Study on Strategic Group Classification and Performance of Chinese Cosmetic Industry – Focused on Cognitive Approach –
    Cuijing Liang (Pusan National University), Hoyeol Bang (Pusan National University)
  • The Effect of Entrepreneurial Education on Entrepreneurial Intentions -Focus on Mediating Effect of Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition-
    Hongpeng Zhang (Pusan National University), Huanhuan Wang (Pusan National University), Jongkwan Kim (Pusan National University)
  • The Influence of Entrepreneurial Leadership on Team Performance and follower Entrepreneurial Intent: Evidence from SMEs in China
    Hongpeng Zhang (Pusan National University), Huanhuan Wang (Pusan National University), Jongkwan Kim (Pusan National University)

15:50-17:30    ICEC-T12, Studio G
Innovation and Enterpreneurship
Session Chair: Seok Chan Jeong (Dong Eui University)

  • The Influence of Service Innovation, Internationalization Degree and Manufacturing Servitization on Operational Performance of Manufacturing Industry
    Peng Michael Yao-Ping (Xi’an University of Posts & Telecommunications), Zhang Yuan (Xi’an University of Posts & Telecommunications)
  • Moderating Effects of Personal Domain-Specific Innovativeness: A Focus on Wearable Devices Adoption and Purchase Intention
    Seok Chan Jeong (Dong Eui University), Beomjin Choi (California State University Sacramento)
  • Exploring Small Entrepreneurs’ Goals in E-Commerce: A Goal Hierarchy Approach
    Jonghwa Park (UNIST), Hanbyul Choi (UNIST), Yoonhyuk Jung (Korea Universit)
  • The Moderating Effect of Managerial Ability on the Relations Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Earnings Management in China
    Jia Rui, (Pusan National University), Jong Seo Choi (Pusan National Univeristy)

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